Enterprise Resource Planning

Leadership Learning Path

In this learning path, leaders master their use of a core tool set at the center of the company’s business operations. Company leaders, directors and managers learn the key functionality that supports successful client engagements, team operations and optimal business performance.


Increase Directors’ and Managers’ fluency and frequency of use of critical leadership tools.


This Leadership Learning Path teaches leaders and managers how to initiate campaigns, assemble teams, monitor campaign performance and gain insight using data analytics, tools and reports. The SCORM-enabled course allows tracking and reporting of learner completion and usage of the leadership learning path through the company’s Learning Management System. This course contains micro-surveys, interactive interface tours, how-to modules and hands-on job aids including a coaching matrix.


  • Sales & Marketing Execution Firm
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  • Instructional Design
  • Online Course Design
  • Responsive eLearning
  • Leadership Development
  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Proprietary ERP System
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere
  • Screen Capture

"Talent is not something to be found in the few; it is to be developed in the many."

~ Lorin Anderson, “Benjamin S. Bloom: HIs Life, His Works, and His Legacy”