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Online, Hybrid & In-Person Meeting, Conference & Event Services

Media-Ecology produces energizing and engaging international, multi-language online conferences, meetings, webinars, workshops and more. Choose from full-service event management or select event services.


Are you looking for a reliable partner to make your online events a success?

Media-Ecology provides organizational and technical management and support with organizing and running virtual live events. We collaborate with our customers on the vision and goals for the event or event series. We bring creativity and participant-centric interactivity to events to earn consistently high customer experience satisfaction ratings. Media-Ecology virtual event management services can support you at many stages of your event production, from concept to pre-production, production, and post-production. Media-Ecology architects messaging campaigns to recruit participants and drive attendance and engagement in your events. We create activities, moderate discussions, plan and run break out group interactions, polls, surveys, and more.

Count on Media-Ecology event management to:
  • Create a stellar production plan, event schedule and run sheet that outlines the event timing, speakers, multimedia and all activities that happen in the live event.
  • Coordinate and run effective rehearsals, remote-speaker onboarding, remote-participant onboarding, live production, technical support, audience monitoring and more.
  • Coordinate and conduct events with simultaneous interpretation and produce and share event materials in multiple languages.
  • Create sign-up forms, email communications, surveys
  • Host programs, sessions and speakers
  • Collect analyze and interpret audience data and feedback


Media-Ecology specializes in educational and technical consulting.  We provide consulting on best practices in virtual programming, teaching and learning, and training and development. Our instructional design, educational technology and learning and development experts advise on, curate and create online learning and engagement methods and methodologies for your program. We draw from evidence-based practices in blending virtual synchronous and asynchronous methods. We integrate ample opportunities to gather participant and stakeholder input and feedback throughout our collaboration to empower our customers and their end-users with data, findings and suggested next steps. We implement events using video-conferencing, video streaming, synchronous communication platforms and learning management systems.


Media-Ecology is an experienced provider of multilingual, multinational events. Reach global participants and facilitate dialogue amongst audience members who speak different languages with our multilingual solutions: simultaneous interpretation, translation, localization, multilingual content moderation.


Media-Ecology’s technical producers and on-camera hosts ensure your live online event runs smoothly. Technical producers provide prompt, clear and direct communication that brings speakers and panelists together for a timely and confident launch. Hosts offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere inviting participants to engage in the moment. Facilitators lead interactions amongst participants, such as break out room sessions and moderated discussions. Hire our team to support one or all these aspects of your event.


Media-Ecology can help you plan and create the core content of the program for your event. We create visual identity event graphics, photos, videos, presentations, data visualizations and entire learning programs. We create copy and messaging campaigns, write copy for distribution via email platforms, learning management systems, social media platforms, PR outlets, or the application that makes the most sense in our customer’s ecosystem for their target audiences. Ready to get creative? Book a call with Media-Ecology.


Data-Gathering, Data Analysis, and Interpretation

How are you collecting data about your customers’ needs and perceptions related to their customer experience? Media-Ecology applies our expertise in research methodology to the design and delivery of your event. We infuse surveys, assessments and many types of feedback and data collection opportunities to gain insights from your attendees.

Activity Programming

Looking for ways to engage attendees? Media-Ecology designs programming and activities for online programs and events. We provide instructional design services and mind-body wellness programming.

What are you looking to integrate into your customer experience? We’d love to help.

Make Your Event a Success

Online, Hybrid & In-Person Meeting, Conference & Event Services

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