Predictive Analytics


Applied Predictive Analytics for Child Welfare

media-ecology develops curricula, conducts training and supports users of Mindshare Technology’s robust data analytics platform. Mindshare provides a technology approach to improving outcomes for children in the child welfare and foster care system.

The Mindshare technology platform solves problems like being data rich but information poor. It includes the first and only operationalized, child welfare focused, predictive analytics models for daily use. Mindshare seamlessly interoperates with Statewide and local systems to target relevant data, to isolate key patterns, identify case file irregularities, and improve accountability at all levels. Mindshare’s system is currently tracking over 100,000 children daily for safety and risk factors. Mindshare has served the public and private sectors for 15 years, including Community Based Care organizations (CBCs) throughout the state of Florida. They have experience in working with 16 different states throughout the country.


  • Mindshare Technology
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  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Implementation
  • Technical Project Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Administrative & End-user Support
  • Mindshare Analytics Platform – Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • JIRA Issue Tracking & Agile PM Software
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media-ecology implements an FAQ knowledge base that supports users in Community-Based Care agencies throughout the state of Florida. Approximately 80 dashboards (via web interface and mobile app) provide tracking and analytics and 15 more provide predictive analytics support to case workers and managers caring for some 18,000 individual children in the State of Florida child welfare and foster care system on a daily basis.

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Company Communications

media-ecology creates advisory board newsletters and video communications, assists Mindshare and its clients in defining requirements for new dashboards and reports, and provides technical support and consultation to agency administrators and end-users.