Quality Matters

Quality Matters


When leading online education at a top business school, how can you differentiate your online course offerings and ensure they attract and prepare students for success?


  • Stay competitive
  • Deliver online programs and courses of the highest quality standards
  • Ensure student success
  • Upskill faculty
  • Achieve QM Certification for courses in the Bachelors of Science in Management degree program


  • Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
  • Higher Education
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  • Course Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Strategy
  • Instructional Design
  • QM Higher Education Rubric (6th Edition)
  • Sakai LMS
  • Google Cloud Platform, G Suite
  • Skype
  • Adobe Connect

Instructional Design Strategy

  • Provided solutions-oriented consultation and collaboration

  • Considered learner populations, stakeholders and scalability of solutions as well as continuous improvement cycles of the organization

  • Conducted full course reviews

  • Engaged in faculty development around QM standards


  • Adapted instructional design methodologies to address dynamics and dimensions of eLearning to specific instructional challenges

  • Designed solutions in alignment with business goals and strategies

  • Implemented courses in Learning Management System (LMS)

QM Certification

  • Aligned courses to the 6th Edition QM Higher Education Rubric, 8 General Standards, 52 Specific Standards

  • Authored process guide and lesson material citation guide for formal QM submission

  • Led multi-stage QM/ID internal and external review meetings

  • Standardized syllabi to meet QM standards

  • Improved alignment between learning objectives, assessment and measurement, instructional materials and learning activities

  • Collaboratively authored assessment rubrics

  • Represented courses for successful QM certification

B-School Quality Matters Pathway Includes External Senior ID

The Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University enjoys a national and international reputation as one of the leading business schools in the world, named as such by some of the foremost authorities in business, including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and U.S. News & World Report. When the B-School’s eLearning Director started along the QM pathway for benchmarking online course quality, she contracted us to serve as an External Instructional Design Evaluator & Consultant on their Quality Matters Initiative.


Achieve QM Certification, a nationally recognized distinction of quality grounded in research and driven by best practices, for online courses offered in the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) Degree Program. Working with the internal QA manager, coordinate each course’s peer review processes and prepare thorough and accurate application materials. Collaborate with faculty and instructional designers to provide instructional strategies and methodologies that increase the quality of online courses and the success of online learners.