Webinar Series

Webinar series

WebinHERS Interactive Webinar Series: Raising Voices to Elevate Lives

Webinar Design Services: Educational and technical consulting for online training and Footage methodologies including:

  • Online learning and engagement
  • Virtual synchronous and asynchronous methods and meeting
  • General consulting on best practices in virtual programming and training

Target Audience: Hard-to-reach young women and NGOs in the United States of America and Russia. Historically, in both countries, young women with marginalized identities are more vulnerable to GBV than others.

Deliverables: Six 90-minute interactive webinars (2 English/U.S., 2 Russian; 2 transnational) designed and delivered, effectively meeting the needs of American and Russian young women and organizations working in the area of GBV, social inclusion, and equality. WebinHERS  were held across the U.S. and Russia, prioritizing the voices, experiences, and lives of those young women who are most vulnerable to gender-based violence. WebinHERS featured an eclectic and authentic mix of media, with microdocs, participant monologues and simultaneous translation in English and Russian.

Duration: Three (3) months

Peer-to-Peer Diplomacy

“In a globalized world, WebinHERS establishes understanding, respect, interest, and need among participating young women. It serves as a model for future technology and resources for peer-to-peer diplomacy, for Russians and Americans to better understand each other’s societies and an insidious human rights issue preventing young women and communities from reaching their full potential,”


– Dr. Kristen Ali Eglinton, Executive Director of Footage Foundation

100 percent of participants would recommend the webinhers workshop
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  • Webinar series developer
  • Footage methodologies
  • Zoom – meetings, registration, surveys, simultaneous interpretation
  • Adobe Premiere, Photoshop
  • Google Slides &  Drive
  • What’s App